5 Nights At Freddy's canon ending for Destroy DLC is each straightforward and sophisticated

A simple clarification of what the canon ending is for 5 Nights At Freddy’s Safety Breach heading into the newly launched FNAF Destroy DLC – if you wish to keep away from spoilers, look away.

5 Nights At Freddy’s Safety Breach Destroy DLC is on the market to obtain without spending a dime on PlayStation and PC. It’s a direct sequel to SB, and it has gamers step into the sneakers of newcomer Cassie reasonably than Gregory. As a direct sequel, many followers are naturally questioning what’s the canon ending for Safety Breach.

What’s the canon ending of FNAF Safety Breach?

The canon ending for 5 Nights At Freddy’s Safety Breach is the one involving William Afton as Burntrap.

There are various completely different endings in Safety Breach, however we’ve recognized since 2021 that the boss combat with Burntrap is canon, and it’s even listed because the ‘true ending’ in recordsdata on Nintendo Swap. However, because of what occurred to Glamrock Freddy in FNAF Destroy, followers are actually theorizing that the Princess Quest ending is canon, too.

Titled ‘why redacted is canon‘ on Reddit, person EthanMiley argues the Princess Quest/Save Vanny possibility may very well be true to lore as a result of it finishes with a picture of a headless Freddy Fazbear sat on a area between Gregory and Vanessa.

There isn’t a Vanny in FNAF Destroy in any respect, and one of many many FNAF Destroy endings includes Gregory saying ‘we can not afford to be adopted’. If Princess Quest is certainly canon, then the canonical ending to SB is a mishmash of Princess Quest and Burntrap.

5 Nights At Freddy’s Safety Breach Destroy DLC canon ending

In contrast to the bottom sport, the canon ending for the 5 Nights At Freddy’s Safety Breach Destroy DLC is at the moment unknown.

There are three completely different conclusions to FNAF Destroy. The traditional ending sees Gregory betray Cassie by dropping an elevator along with her trapped inside, whereas one other finale has Cassie put on the Vanny masks and seemingly be a part of Gregory, Vanessa, and Freddy on a hill. That is presumably Cassie’s thoughts contaminated by Glitchtrap.

Lastly, there’s a secret conclusion that sees Cassie unhurt. She runs away from Mimic as in all the endings, however this time she will get the ultimate snort by luring the creepy animatronic right into a lure.

None of those FNAF Destroy endings have been confirmed as canon at this second in time. Nonetheless, it’s presumed by the group that the falling elevator is the true finale.

5 Nights At Freddy’s Safety Breach Destroy DLC is now out there to play on PlayStation and PC. The FNAF Destroy DLC is coming to Xbox sooner or later, however its launch date may take some time.

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