Set Bonuses Play An Vital Half In Wo Lengthy: Fallen Dynasty

In Wo Lengthy: Fallen Dynasty, there’s a vary of armor and weaponry that you could acquire all through the sport, supplying you with a spread of stats relying on what you like. It additionally is dependent upon what stats you may have been leveling up, and whether or not you might be sturdy sufficient to equip the armor. There are lots of armor units in Wo Lengthy: Fallen Dynasty, and this information goes to listing all of them for you.

If you find yourself getting armor within the sport, there are particular results to contemplate, in addition to how heavy the armor is when you find yourself sporting it. A number of the units may even be tougher to pay money for, as a result of rarity of the units all through the sport.

There are three subcategories for the armor units, relying on whether or not you need extra defences or extra pace while nonetheless having somewhat little bit of resistance. Not solely this, however they will even have particular results, which might make the armor higher or worse relying on what you select for the gear, in addition to what weapons you may have outfitted, as they may even rely in direction of the load.

Listed below are the entire armor units in Wo Lengthy: Fallen Dynasty.

All Armor Units In Wo Lengthy: Fallen Dynasty

As said above, there are three completely different subcategories for armor. There may be gentle armor, medium armor and heavy armor. It might probably then equally be damaged down by which a part of the physique you’re looking at. For instance, Head, Chest, Arm Guards, Leg Guards or Equipment.

A number of the armor units additionally include a set bonus, which suggests if you happen to put on the complete set of armor, you’ll get a bonus for sporting it, which means you’ll have improved stats, or do extra injury. Listed below are the complete armor units.

Gentle Armor Units:

  • Murderer Set
  • Dong Zhuo Soldier Set
  • Dragon Strategist Set
  • Evil Taoist Set – has Instigator Of Evil Set Bonus
  • Entertainer Set
  • Fierce Zhang Fei Set – has Rival Of The Lots Set Bonus
  • Basic Of Man Set – has The Yellow Heaven Should Rise Set Bonus
  • Heishan Soldier Set
  • Han Soldier Set
  • Libationer Guo Set – has Strategist of Genius Set Bonus
  • Anonymous Warrior Set
  • Prefect Xun Set – has The Nice Expertise Of A King’s Advisor Set Bonus
  • Shanyue Warrior Set
  • Stalwart Tiger Warrior Set – has Knowledge and Braveness Set Bonus
  • Tianzhu Hermit Set – has The Means Of Tianzhu Set Bonus
  • Taishan Bandit Set
  • Tyrant Overlord Set – has Renegade of the Heaven’s Will Set Bonus
  • Warlock Set
  • White Horse Servant Cavalry Set
  • Yellow Turban Bandit Set
  • Yellow Turban Soldier Set
  • Younger Conqueror Set – has Ferocious Younger Conqueror Set Bonus

Medium Armor Units:

  • Baihu Set
  • Blue-eyed Youngster Set – has Heir Of The Tiger Set Bonus
  • Boldness Set – has Dauntless Warrior Set Bonus
  • Curse Star of Heijan Set – has Yuan’s Head Senior Basic Set Bonus
  • Big Wrestler Set
  • Heishan Champion Set
  • Lead Tiger Servant Set – has Solar’s Elder Veteran Set Bonus
  • Man Of Benevolence Set – has Aspiration of Restoring the Han Empire Set Bonus
  • Dashing Set – has Thunderous Raider Set Bonus
  • Staunchness Set – has Unscrupulous Hero’s Proper Hand Set Bonus
  • Taishan Champion Set
  • Valorous Vanguard Set – has A Second Coming’s Regular Assaults Set Bonus
  • Wuhuan Cavalry Set
  • Yellow Turban Champion Set
  • Zhuque Set

Heavy Armor Units:

  • Dauntless Tiger Servant Set – has Unflinching Bravery Set Bonus
  • Dong Zhuo Officer Set – has Dong Zhuo Set Bonus
  • Dread Star Of Heijan Set – has Pleasure Of The Indomitable Champion Set Bonus
  • Flying Basic Set – has Lu Bu, The Mightiest Amongst Males Set Bonus
  • Lieutenant-Basic Set
  • Rampancy Set – has Brutal Ursine Warrior Set Bonus
  • Ser Magnificent Beard Set – has With Sky Excessive Righteousness Set Bonus
  • The Chief Of Lords Set – has The Dominator Of Hebei Set Bonus
  • Unscrupulous Hero Set – has Hero Past The Age Set Bonus
  • Vicious Tiger Set – has Tiger Of Jiangdong Set Bonus
  • White Horse Basic Set
  • Yellow Turban Commander Set

There are many units to select from, and you may combine and match if you happen to like. Nevertheless, the set bonuses do show to be helpful, particularly if you happen to select to improve your armor as effectively. That’s the whole lot it is advisable know concerning the huge number of armor units in Wo Lengthy: Fallen Dynasty.

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